History Page

So, I see you've made it and you're ready to step back in time!

As with every good story, this one starts at the beginning, because the beginning is where it all started....

Today we're known as Hobbits Hollow Farm, but it wasn't always that way, we were originally known as The Hobbits Hollow (An Art, Craft, and Gift Shop ). What happened was we, Brian Hurlburt and Denis Lanteigne, moved to Bear River where we opened a small shop and had the work of over 30 local Artists and Crafts People. Wait, we need to go back...

The reason Brian and Denis moved to Bear River was that Brian had been sick and after a stay in Hospital Brian could not be left alone, so Denis and Brian moved to Bear River so Denis could look after Brian while Denis worked at the Pines in nearby Digby. Sort of sounds like a mixed up mess doesn't it!? Well, it was for awhile!

Then shortly after moving to Bear River, a neighbour -- Thanks Dianne -- let Brian and Denis open what was to become The Hobbits Hollow! The matter is neither Brian or Denis, nor Dianne, nor anyone else, knew what magic was about to happen!

You see, in Bear River is a little old Barber Shop, and on the back wall of that shop is a very interesting piece of flat bed rock! As the shop, really Brian's recovery project, began to take on a life of it's own... two little round windows appeared on that flat piece of bed rock and a little door with a rounded top!

Then someone came by and added a little black door knocker. There was a little wishing well to the right end of what became known as the Hobbit's House, and the slab wood shelves and the tree branches that were used to display the work of over 30 local Artists and Crafts People helped to form the front yard of the Hobbit House!

Then as if that wasn't enough, Dick brought Brian (who by this time was becoming known as The Bear River Hobbit) a nose flute! You should have seen The Bear River Hobbit (Brian) as He huffed and puffed trying to make a sound with the nose flute! Then little by little the musical notes began to be heard, and as word spread people came to hear the Bear River Hobbit, playing his Nose Flute,while sitting on a Mushroom Stool, outside The Hobbits Hollow, underneath the Honey Locust Tree!!!
It truly was a magical place! (Did I forget to mention Greg, one of the Artisans, makes Wooden Mushroom Stools).

So as word spread and Brian became known as The Bear River Hobbit, The Hobbits Hollow, took on a life of it's own. Often people would come, pull up a Mushroom, and sit a spell with the Hobbit under the Honey Locust Tree. They woud listen to the Nose Flute, or listen to Hobbit as He told stories of His adventures, (Hobbits like to sit and tell stories)

By the time the next summer rolled around, the summer of 2000 and 9, Dianne, who owned the building where The Hobbits Hollow was, had to move to a far a way place called British Columbia, and so She had no choice but to sell the building and so there went The Hobbits Hollow... Yet, people looked forward to seeing Brian, The Bear River Hobbit! For He could be seen wondering the streets of Bear River from time to time, He's still known to visit Bear River and stop by The Bear River Cafe, enjoy The Changing Tides, and can even be found enjoying the Flight Of Fancy!

So, now the Hobbit, had to find another place to call His Hollow! This time in Princedale, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, on an old 119 acre Farm! Thus the Hobbits Hollow Farm was born!

Wanting to be somewhat reliant, The Hobbit and Denis (Yes, Denis is here too), decided they wanted to have something on the farm for both eggs and milk... the obvious answer for eggs was to get some Hens, and the not so obvious answer for milk came one day when the Hobbit came home with a Unicorn!

Of course that's a story for another day, ah, page! (Click Here to Read About our Unicorn)